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Need Help With an Unsolved Case of Toilet Splatter?

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$1,000 Per day on-site.


$50 You provide testimony and evidence for an expert evaluation.

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Bathroom Courtesy Sign

Shitter Sleuth was born from the basic human desire for poop & pee to not be on the toilet. We're dedicated to serving justice to those who desecrate the sacred stall where we spend many of our most peaceful moments.


We specialize in putting a stop to the most revolting cases of bathroom etiquette. The presence of the Shitter Sleuth Shield elevates user cleanliness and respect for the toilet.

Simply hang the Shitter Sleuth shield in the bathroom and watch the “accidents” quickly subside. Intimidation and respect will cause to those who habitually spatter, cover and chunk to think twice before walking out and leaving a mess. See why restrooms all over the world depend on us for tidiness, truth and integrity.

The Shitter Sleuth men's bathroom sign enforces a clean toilet. There's no more funny business when Shitter Sleuth sends a message of cleanliness and courtesy for the bathroom door or wall. Aluminum plaque humor decor for work, office or home. Trust your poop to Shitter Sleuth!


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